Here we speak to Brookson customer, Alistair, who walks us through a day in the life of a Web Analytics Consultant

Q. What is your job title?
A. Web Analytics Consultant

Q. What does being a Web Analytics Consultant involve?
A. Helping an organisation achieve its business goals and understand customer / user behaviour, by analysing site and app traffic.

Q. What is your current assignment and where is it based?
A. I’m between assignments at the moment but my last assignment was Associate Analytics Director, based near Old Street in London and was office based.

Q. What did your assignment entail?
A. Setting out KPIs and analytics strategy, creating dashboards, and producing deep dive analytics data, for two key clients.

Q. What training was required for the role?
A. Nothing that couldn’t be learnt on the job.

Q. Please talk us through your typical day…
A. Each day was different depending on which project I was working on. One day I could be putting together a detailed conversions dashboard, another day, training staff in the use and understanding of web analytics, another day, working with developers and troubleshooting an analytics implementation problem.

Q. What did you most like about your role and what, if anything, would you have changed?
A. I like troubleshooting and solving problems best of all. What would I change? To be able to work from any location.

Q. What drove you to a career as a Web Analytics Consultant?
A. It began with a job as a web manager for a charity. I did everything – managed the website, relaunched the website, trained people in editing the website, installed analytics, managed PPC, trained people in using analytics, launched a chat forum, moderated it, hired moderators, and wrote strategy and governance for analytics for the business. I specialised in the area that interested me most – which was analytics.

Q. How long have you been a Brookson member?
A. Since 2014.