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Regardless of the reason why, you may be in the situation where you’re looking to switch accountants and you’re not sure to what to do. After all it’s a big decision, you don’t want to rush to another accountant only to receive the same level of service you had from your previous accountant. Leaving you in the same situation and probably out of pocket at the end of it.

Here at Brookson we’ve put together a short guide to switching accountants, with some good reasons why you may need to and the process you should follow.

Good Reasons to Switch Accountants

What constitutes a good reason to switch accountants? You may be considering it but you’re not sure whether it’s a solid reason or whether it’s a common occurrence among all accountants. Some good and common reasons include the following:

  • You’re unhappy with the service you’re receiving
  • Your current accountant is closing, leaving you without an accountancy service on hand
  • Your current accountant cannot support your business as it’s grows, leaving you with the need to seek a more comprehensive accountancy business that can cater for all of your business needs.
  • You wish to seek a more value for money service where everything you need is included in the price
  • You want to work with an accountant that understands your needs as a contractor

There will always be other reasons to change but if you believe it’s the right decision for you and your company it’s a good idea to follow some steps as you switch accountants.

Steps to Switching

First of all, take your time searching the market that offers you expert accountancy advice as often as possible, such as our six day a week dedicated accountant for contractors. Allowing you to stay ahead of any surprises and have constant access to your accounts. Make sure that when switch accountants, it doesn’t leave you out in the cold as they make the change. A lot can happen in the contracting world and if you don’t have the expert knowledge of an accountant on hand as it happens, you may be in a position where you’re unsure what to do.

Here at Brookson, we can get you up and running in under 24 hours, liaising with your old accountants to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. That way you’re not left alone, and you can get straight onto us managing your accounts.

Get in touch with us today for a FREE consultation and see what we can do for you if you’re looking to switch accountants.


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