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Tops tips for year-end tax planning

Self-employment comes with plenty of benefits, but there are also a number of responsibilities involved, such as your tax status. But complying with... Read more

Five things to think about when becoming self-employed

Making the transition from being employed to working for yourself can be a daunting process and for some, being self-employed may be your first... Read more

Importance of insurance for freelancers and contractors

Starting Out When starting out as a freelancer or contractor you might think that the only person you are responsible for is yourself, but in most... Read more

Considerations for starting a business as a freelancer

Starting a freelance business is a daunting step to take, particularly if you spent the majority of your career working for others on a PAYE... Read more

Setting up a business – it’s all in the name!

When setting up a business, perhaps one of the more enjoyable tasks is thinking up a company name which stands out from the crowd and gives your... Read more

National Freelancers Day – 21st November 2012

This year’s National Freelancers Day is now just three weeks away and flexible workers up and down the country are readying themselves for promises... Read more

Offshore Tax Evasion And Avoidance

You’d either have to be living on the moon or have your head under a rock to avoid news stories involving accusations of tax evasion and tax... Read more

7 Days In June

Making movies can be a long and costly practice. Indeed, one only has to look at the list of names rolling up the screen at the end of a film to... Read more