Author: Andrew Fahey

IR35 Delay What does this mean?

IR35 delay – What does this mean?

“This postponement will be a welcome relief for contractors who are facing great uncertainty as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic.... Read more

IR35 Statement at westminster

Spring Statement 2018

IR35 consultation"to be published within the coming months" Today saw the Chancellor Philip Hammond deliver the first Spring Statement. This was not... Read more

Tax changes for locums – April 2017 changes afoot

Following an initial “tease” of information in the Government’s Budget Announcement in March this year, HMRC has released information on... Read more

Brookson’s Top 10 Start-up Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Do your research Before starting up your own business it is vital to do your research. Get to know the industry you are thinking about, who are... Read more

Will the future see more freelancers?

In the past, people often believed that being part of a company as an employee was the key to having a good career. According to The Economist this... Read more

Will freelancers change the nature of companies?

Freelancers could be set to change the way that companies work with people and the way that careers are structured according to The Economist and... Read more

Do recruitment agencies offer the best option for contractors?

It is Brookson policy to actively encourage our members to use agencies for the placement of assignments. Agencies deliver a raft of benefits that... Read more

What’s keeping IT contractors and freelancers up at night?

I recently read the London Business Survey from the Confederation of British Industry and KPMG, which showed London's growth over the next five years... Read more

Why do recruiters need preferred supplier lists?

As a recruiter, you’re surrounded by rules and regulations to ensure that the service you offer both clients and candidates adheres to certain... Read more

Dispensations demystified

Many contractors are “sold” an umbrella company based on dispensations. So, what is a dispensation, what benefits can they bring and why is... Read more