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Core Differences Between Umbrella and Limited Companies

Core Differences Between Umbrella and Limited Companies

When starting out contracting you have many choices to make that can have an effect on how you work. Choosing between working under an Umbrella... Read more

Self-employed and heading for retirement

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7 great free resources for the newly self-employed

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Started contracting but feeling like you’re earning less? Here are 4 common reasons why that might be the case

Everyone wants to make a decent living from their job, and when you're self-employed and contracting the power to do that is in your hands. With... Read more

Business Partner relationships: Running your own limited company

How to be both romantic and a business partner with someone, without causing any undue stress! As more and more people realise the benefits of... Read more

Limited Company Business Owner

5 ways to improve your job satisfaction this year

Being unhappy in your job can be a big cause of stress, worry and some studies even suggest it can lead to more serious mental health problems.... Read more

How Technology can Boost your Business

Running a business can be a difficult task, whether you are doing so on a freelance basis, as a contractor or as a consultant. One problem some... Read more

3 Things You Must Have in Your First Office

The employment landscape is changing. A rise in mobile technology, increases in the reliability of internet and a significant shift in attitude all... Read more

How to balance your home life with your contracting work

  The term 'work-life balance' is thrown around a lot, but it is even more important when you're a self-employed contractor. It's especially... Read more

5 Reasons To Leave Your Job Today

Nobody likes leaving their job, with all the uncertainty that comes with it. However, there are times when it might be the best option. Often, the... Read more