Author: Victoria McDonnell

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How a move to being a contractor can improve your business skills and career prospects

When you are thinking about taking the leap to becoming self-employed contractor, it can seem like a big risk for you, your family and your career.... Read more

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The Benefits of Contractor Insurance

Of all the questions we get asked by contractors, the most common one is also the most simple: Why do I need insurance? It’s true that contracting... Read more

Why you should connect with specialists on LinkedIn

There are so many articles out there telling you that joining LinkedIn is a MUST to advance your career – But what happens once you have created... Read more

Benefits of moving from a permanent staff position to contracting

Have you been working as a permanent employee for most of your life but are now thinking about becoming self-employed? Thinking of changing the... Read more

Top tips for keeping track of business expenses

As a business you need to have a clear understanding of all your outgoings in order to protect your cash flow and ensure you're in compliance with... Read more

Spruce up your CV to help land your next contract!

We all know that in order to land that dream job or sought after contract, a lot of effort needs to go in to marketing yourself to the client in... Read more

Memberships and professional accreditations – a necessity for the self-employed?

Access to professional affiliated bodies can be a useful benefit of joining an umbrella company or accounting service. However, it is often one of... Read more

Common mistakes self employed professionals make and how to avoid them

Becoming self employed is the right choice for many people, but things can become difficult if you don't know the ins and outs of what it actually... Read more

Ten ways to sell yourself as a freelancer

It’s often said that businesses turn to freelancers when the economy is tough - it allows companies to meet growing demand without the commitment... Read more

Are contractors and freelancers going on a summer holiday?

When you take the decision to work for yourself, one of the benefits is the freedom to choose your own working hours. It’s up to you how many days... Read more