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5 top tips to ensure contractors are supported through IR35

5 top tips to ensure contractors are supported through IR35

It’s no surprise that contractors are nervous about IR35. It is a complex piece of legislation which will have a direct effect on the take-home pay... Read more

Brookson Group announces Andrew Fahey as Chief Executive Officer

(3rd March, 2020) Andrew Fahey has been announced as Chief Executive Officer of Brookson Group, the tech-enabled professional services platform for... Read more

Brookson respond to governments IR35 review

Brookson respond to governments IR35 review

The Government has now completed the review of the changes to the off-payroll working rules and has published a response. Matt Fryer, Head of... Read more

The IR35 myth buster Answering contractors most asked questions

The IR35 myth-buster: Answering contractors most asked questions

Changes to the off-payroll working rules – otherwise known as IR35 – are fast approaching for the private sector. From April 6th, responsibility... Read more

High Street vs Specialist Accountants

High Street Vs Specialist Accountants

What to consider - High Street Vs Specialist Accountants: The life of contractors and freelancers can be a strange and paradoxical experience,... Read more

New To Contracting A Beginner's Guide Top Tips


So you’ve made the decision. You’ve talked it over with the people you need to talk it over with. You're no longer new to contracting and have... Read more

Going Limited setting up limited company


In contracting – as in most of life – timing is everything. While many successful contractors don’t jump ship so much as get pushed, it’s... Read more

The Secret Contractors Guide to managing clients

The Secret Contractor – A Guide To Managing Clients (Especially Difficult Ones)

For many contractors the challenge of working for a range of clients may well come as a bit of a shock. If you’ve only ever had permanent roles... Read more

Work life balance and being a contractor - Business meeting in a cafe

Tips for a great work-life balance as a contractor

One of the reasons people choose to become a contractor is to have a better work-life balance. Not being tied to regular office hours and being your... Read more

Beginner's Guide to Setting Up a Limited Company

Limited Company Setup – A Beginner’s Guide

Thinking of working for yourself? While many choose to go down the sole trader route, you also have the option of trading through a limited company.... Read more

Contractor services from Brookson One

If you’re looking to start a new Limited Company, Brookson One are the specialists when it comes to being new to contracting.

We can help you incorporate your company, set up business banking, and we provide an easy to use, simple solution for keeping on top of the basics. Our wealth of experience comes from being contractors ourselves, and realising that there must be a better way, so we created one. Join Brookson One today for a total solution for you and your business.