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Brookson Financial are pleased to be offering free remortgage advice to all NHS staff as a small token of our appreciation for their selfless, life-saving work at this difficult time.

In these uncertain times, we understand and advocate that completing a thorough review of your personal finances is a sensible way to help alleviate some of the financial pressures that come with life in a period of enforced social distancing and self-isolation. For most people, mortgages are their single largest outgoing and although moving house might not be something that is appealing right now, remortgaging could provide some significant opportunities.

At Brookson Financial we understand that although you may want to review your mortgage outgoings, time and costs are prohibitive to this. That is why for all NHS staff we are waiving any advice fees and making the process as easy as possible to access great offers on the market.

We appreciate all the efforts that NHS staff are providing to the whole of the UK and in addition to our own fundraising efforts, we hope that this small token goes someway to making your home life a little simpler and easier.

We offer comprehensive, tailored remortgage advice which includes reviewing your circumstances and researching the whole market to source a new lender with a deal that is suitable for you – whilst also comparing this to what your existing lender can offer you. Our Mortgage Team complete as much of the work involved as possible and will manage your application from submission to completion, keeping you updated throughout the process.

Remortgage deals are currently available with 2-year fixed rates as low as 1.05%* and we have preferential arrangements with a number of lenders who can take overtime, shift increments and bank work all into consideration when calculating affordability.

We appreciate NHS staff will have additional demands on their time due to the current situation, so if you’re coming to the end of your current deal and will soon be facing an increase in mortgage payments – or you’re already out of your initial fixed period and are now paying an increased rate – our Advisers would like to help you with your remortgage process, without charging our usual advice fee.

Want to know more? Contact Brookson Financial today by emailing to speak to one of our Financial advisors.

We have been contributing to the coronavirus national effort by donating essentials and personal protection equipment to front line workers and to us, you are real heroes. #ThankyouNHS! 

* Rate checked 08/01/2021. Actual rates may vary. Quoted rate based on Barclays fixed mortgage of 1.05% until 01/04/2023 (then 3.99% variable). Overall cost for comparison 4.0% APRC.
One-off product and valuation fees apply. Our advisers can recommend other mortgages from the whole of the market to suit your needs and circumstances.

Note: A valid NHS ID card or payslip will be requested to honour discounted service

Brookson Financial is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. A mortgage is a loan secured against your home and your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it. Most buy-to-let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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