As the year is coming to an end we want to ensure all freelance contractors have the best start to 2018 and what better way to do this than by getting organised. This is often the last thing on someone’s mind over the Christmas period but by being on top of everything you can start the year with a clear outlook and hit the ground running.

Your assignment

Your assignment status is definitely something to take into consideration. If your current assignment is almost over or you are exploring opportunities for the new year, make sure you are ahead of the game by updating your CV in advance. Updating your CV can be a time consuming process so by doing it in advance, or editing it each time you finish an assignment, complete a course or gain a new qualification it will save you time. People often have a range of different questions when it comes to CV writing which is why we have written a blog explaining the dos and dont’s when updating your CV.

Prepare for your self-assessment

Don’t forget the deadline for your self-assessment is the 31st January 2018. A lot of information is required when submitting your self-assessment, so it is better starting early rather than leaving it to the last minute. If any errors occur or the deadline is missed, you will be fined. When submitting your self-assessment, you will need to provide a range of information to HMRC, this includes wages, dividends received and other forms of income such as savings rental properties and bank interest. If you have queries regarding your self-assessment or what else it entails, you can gain a better understanding with the help of our self-assessment tax return blog.

Book keeping admin

Make sure you keep your bookkeeping in order. When left to the last minute book keeping can be a lengthy process but it doesn’t have to be. By committing to submit your expense claims on a regular basis will ensure you don’t miss any claims you are entitled to, meaning less work when it comes to completing your tax return and not to mention, saving you time in the long run.

We understand that getting organised for the new year can bring a range of challenges, which is why Brookson One are always here to support contractors and freelancers. If you need support in any of the above areas call Brookson today and find out how we can help you.