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If you are new to contracting or currently contracting and searching for a new accountant and in your search, you find specialist contractor accountants. What makes them different to high-street or normal accountants? Thousands of contractors take advantage of the numerous services that contractor accountants provide, and you may be missing out by going with a generic accountant that doesn’t have experience in the contractor/ freelancer market.

Here at Brookson, we’ll go through how a contractor accountant can help you and how it’ll free up more leisure time.

Tailored for Contractors

When going with an accountant you want to be 100% sure they’re working in your best interests. You don’t want an accountant that just wants your business and doesn’t go out of their way to help you. Contractor accountants are there to specifically look after you, the contractors and the unique challenges you face daily.

Contractor accountants, like Brookson, are tailored to provide contractors with a service fit for them, who know important tax legislation such as IR35, which many contractors just don’t understand but need support with.

Maximise Your Income

When going to an accountant you’re usually looking for somebody to look into your financial accounts to maximise your profits, resulting in you earning more at the end of the week/month. The majority of the time you may be losing out on income and but have not realised, this is where contractor accountants are very useful.

At Brookson, we deal with contractors from a variety of industries and sectors on a daily basis, we understand what the market is like and the common expenses contractors accrue when working contracts. Contractor accountants know how to get the most out of your income and all while being compliant to tax legislation. Going to an accountant without the knowledge and experience needed could result in you paying more at the end of the year, due to legislation that they’re not factoring in.

Support from Contractor Accountants

Get in touch with us today for a FREE consultation! We’ll show you why utilising our knowledge and experiences can result in you being better off at the end of the financial year! Don’t take a chance with the high-street and let us make contracting that dream job you’ve been searching for!

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