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Brookson Economic Outlook 2014: Nuclear Sector

The past few years have been challenging ones for the nuclear sector but in 2013 things started to turn around. In fact, energy minister Michael... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2014: Oil and Gas Sector

The Oil and Gas sector continues to support over 450,000 jobs in the UK (according to Oil & Gas UK), with 340,000 in the direct industry and a... Read more

Supply Chain Compliance

Tax changes impacting contractors – False self-employment intermediaries / offshore employment intermediaries

HMRC have now confirmed that both of the changes to the tax and NI legislation effective from 6 April 2014 which will impact contractors who are... Read more

Funding for start-up businesses – what’s out there?

Finance is arguably the greatest challenge when it comes to setting up a business and it has only become harder since the financial crisis... Read more

Onshore self-employment intermediaries – managing risk in the contractor supply chain

Following the consultation document published on 10 December 2013 entitled “Onshore Employment Intermediaries: False Self Employment” Brookson... Read more

Unexpected tax bill?

This is the time of the year when many contractors and freelancers turn their attention to their personal finances, triggered by the 31st January... Read more

Auto Enrolment – How an Umbrella Company’s approach can impact you

As I’m sure you have seen in the media, new laws came into effect from October 2012 requiring all UK employers to automatically enroll their... Read more

Self employed mortgage considerations

It’s often said that after bereavement and divorce, moving house is the third most stressful thing we will ever do. On top of finding a house,... Read more

Considerations for starting a business as a freelancer

Starting a freelance business is a daunting step to take, particularly if you spent the majority of your career working for others on a PAYE... Read more

Are contractors and freelancers going on a summer holiday?

When you take the decision to work for yourself, one of the benefits is the freedom to choose your own working hours. It’s up to you how many days... Read more