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Brookson Economic Outlook 2015: Entertainment and media sectors

Creative sectors contribute over 6% of UK GDP and employ over 2 million people. The latest PWC report covering this sector estimates that these... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2015: Business and professional services sector

Moving into 2015, the economy is in a stronger position now that it was one year ago. Yes, 2014 saw plenty of upwards movement both at macro economic... Read more

10 New Year Tax Planning tips for Limited Company contractors

Having just celebrated New Year contractors’ are reminded that another New Year is just around the corner. 6 April 2015 welcomes in the 2015/2016... Read more

Contractors and Freelancer, there’s an app for everything

Keeping track of what's what is a crucial part of being a successful contractor or freelancer and in the modern world it's easier than ever thanks to... Read more

Can new govt consultation improve finance conditions for contractors?

Access to finance is a major challenge for those setting up a business in the UK, causing many would-be entrepreneurs to give up dreams of... Read more

Are contractors the key to the UK skills shortage?

There's barely a report about the labour market nowadays that doesn't mention the UK skills shortage. It's a major issue for businesses and, indeed,... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2014: The economy has definitely moved on

Back in May 2013, we looked at a few of the key sectors in which¬ self-employed professional¬ provide their services to try to get a more focussed... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2014: Business and professional services

The business and professional services sector saw business volumes expand for the second successive quarter to November 2013, although the rate of... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2014: Entertainment and media sectors

These creative sectors contribute over six per cent of UK GDP and employ over two million people. A previous PWC report estimated the contribution... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2014: Construction Sector

The construction sector employs roughly ten per cent of the total UK workforce and contributes about £90 billion each year to the UK economy. Nine... Read more