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Spotting high-value clients

If your work involves contracting directly with clients, you are probably already aware that the process can be somewhat hit-and-miss. Of course, you... Read more

Brookson’s predictions for the final Budget of this parliament

With the Budget less a week away, we have taken a look at what we think may be announced and how this may impact the UK’s flexible workforce. As... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2015: The economy has continued to improve

Back in early 2014, I reviewed the UK economy and a few of the specific key sectors in which our customers provide their services to try to get a... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2015: IT sector

The IT sector in the UK has proved to be an area where highly skilled contractors have been in demand and it seems that this is likely to continue in... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2015: Health and social care sector

The healthcare and socialcare sectors employ roughly 4M people and generates around £150Bn worth of economic activity each year. Roughly 75% of... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2015: Construction sector

The construction sector employs roughly 10% of the total UK workforce and contributes about £90Bn each year to the UK economy. 9 months ago, the... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2015: Manufacturing sector

The UK manufacturing sector accounts for roughly 10% of the overall UK economy, with roughly 2.6M employees, and for just over 50% of all UK... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2015: Entertainment and media sectors

Creative sectors contribute over 6% of UK GDP and employ over 2 million people. The latest PWC report covering this sector estimates that these... Read more

Brookson Economic Outlook 2015: Business and professional services sector

Moving into 2015, the economy is in a stronger position now that it was one year ago. Yes, 2014 saw plenty of upwards movement both at macro economic... Read more

10 New Year Tax Planning tips for Limited Company contractors

Having just celebrated New Year contractors’ are reminded that another New Year is just around the corner. 6 April 2015 welcomes in the 2015/2016... Read more