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Travel and subsistence tax relief, what are the new changes?

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Changes likely to impact Contractors post April 2016

The Autumn Statement announced on 25 November, and the publication of the draft Finance Bill 2016 on 9 December 2015, have provided us with a clearer... Read more

Should I Switch from Umbrella to Limited?

One of the most common concerns when it comes to self-employment is which way of working is best for you. Most people are quick to grasp the concept... Read more

Potential changes to tax and NI relief for travel and subsistence costs incurred by contractors

The 2015 Finance Bill which became law at the end of March 2015Â includes new rules which determine the availability of tax relief for reimbursed... Read more

Brookson’s predictions for the final Budget of this parliament

With the Budget less a week away, we have taken a look at what we think may be announced and how this may impact the UK’s flexible workforce. As... Read more

Are Umbrella employees genuinely employed?

Umbrella companies have come under increasing scrutiny in the past 12 months. A small number of firms have been harshly criticised for everything... Read more