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Tax avoidance – How worried should you be?

Over the last 18 months or so, tax avoidance has become an attention grabber, with the media, politicians and general public becoming increasingly... Read more

Who counts as an ‘office holder’?

HMRC guidance states that an ‘office’ is created where: The position exists outside of the identity of the incumbent person (i.e. the person... Read more

Why do recruiters need preferred supplier lists?

As a recruiter, you’re surrounded by rules and regulations to ensure that the service you offer both clients and candidates adheres to certain... Read more

Brookson’s economic outlook: Medical and care services

Political debate is raging, but the fact remains that the UK economy is in a tough position. Because business conditions have such a powerful effect... Read more

Brookson’s economic outlook: Construction

The difficult business conditions in which contractors find themselves has had a profound effect on the opportunities - and earnings - available to... Read more

Brookson’s economic outlook: Manufacturing

In the UK’s tough economic position, difficult business conditions have had a profound impact on the opportunities - and income - available to our... Read more

Brookson’s economic outlook: Entertainment and media

Given the nature of our services for contractors, freelancers and self-employed professionals, we’re always interested in the outlook for the UK... Read more

Brookson’s economic outlook: Business services

Providing professional services to contractors, freelancers and other self-employed professionals in a number of industries, we pay close attention... Read more

Brookson’s economic outlook: Aerospace and defence

Defence may be struggling, but the aerospace sector is providing a growing number of opportunities for contractors and freelance workers. We... Read more

Brookson’s economic outlook: Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy has suffered in recent years, but renewed commitment from government points to happier times ahead. The nature of the services we... Read more

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