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Tops tips for year-end tax planning

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Five things to think about when becoming self-employed

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Importance of insurance for freelancers and contractors

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Considerations for starting a business as a freelancer

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Ten ways to sell yourself as a freelancer

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Setting up a business – it’s all in the name!

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Are Umbrella employees genuinely employed?

Umbrella companies have come under increasing scrutiny in the past 12 months. A small number of firms have been harshly criticised for everything... Read more

Are contractors and freelancers going on a summer holiday?

When you take the decision to work for yourself, one of the benefits is the freedom to choose your own working hours. It’s up to you how many days... Read more

Tax avoidance – How worried should you be?

Over the last 18 months or so, tax avoidance has become an attention grabber, with the media, politicians and general public becoming increasingly... Read more

Who counts as an ‘office holder’?

HMRC guidance states that an ‘office’ is created where: The position exists outside of the identity of the incumbent person (i.e. the person... Read more