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Umbrellas under Threat

Are umbrella companies under threat?

It is clear from recent media coverage that interest and concern regarding certain ‘umbrella’ businesses has increased over the last few... Read more

National Freelancers Day 2012

Celebrating National Freelancers Day

It’s certainly an interesting time to be a freelancer and National Freelancers Day on the 21st November will be a great opportunity to highlight... Read more

Is This The End Of Freelancing In The BBC?

BBC freelance contracting arrangements – what actually is the problem? Today the BBC has published their findings from the Deloitte review of... Read more

National Freelancers Day – 21st November 2012

This year’s National Freelancers Day is now just three weeks away and flexible workers up and down the country are readying themselves for promises... Read more

Top tax planning tips for the self-employed working through limited companies

What can you do to ensure you only pay the tax you are legally obliged to pay? The last few months have seen some increasingly strong rhetoric in... Read more

DIY Accounting vs Hiring an Accountant for the Self-Employed

One thing that is encouraging for contractors, freelancers and self employed professionals generally is the increase in types of accountancy and... Read more

Offshore Tax Evasion And Avoidance

You’d either have to be living on the moon or have your head under a rock to avoid news stories involving accusations of tax evasion and tax... Read more

How A Business Name Can Lose You Business….

When setting up a business you’ll want to think up a company name which stands out from the crowd and gives your potential client base an idea of... Read more

Should contractors and freelancers be worried about RTI?

From April 2013 we have the biggest change to payroll procedures for over 60 years coming into force. Contractors and freelancers working through... Read more

Required Assurance – What It All Means and What Really is Acceptable…

What are the implications of the recent Government issued Procurement Policy Note on public sector organisations, needing to obtain ‘required... Read more