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It’s Friday. You’re on the cusp of hitting your targets. The roles are lined up and the weekend looks a little better.


Shock, horror, one of your temporary candidates is having a wobble*. The perks of the permanent world have started to outweigh the comfort of the contracting lifestyle.

You know the ones we mean.

The monthly salary into their bank account suddenly disappearing. The pension pot looking more like a savings thimble.

Have you got the time (or energy) to sway them back to the contract you’ve worked so hard to secure? No, no you haven’t.

Luckily, WE have both the time and advice to help…

We’ve worked with the temporary workforce for over 20 years. You could even say we know a thing or two about keeping our clients calm, focused and, most importantly, contracting.

They have a headache, we have the paracetamol (or ibuprofen).

Sick Leave

The Candidate Pain

“I’m going to lose my right to sick leave and if I’m suddenly ill, who’s going to support me/my family as I’m now self-employed?”

The Brookson Painkiller

“As a contractor and client of ours, we advise you on income protection AND life cover as standard. You, your family and your peace of mind are covered… you can also look to expense some policies that are taken out!”


The Candidate Pain

“It’s great earning more, but what if I want to move house or up sticks? Surely no mortgage company would accept my application?”

The Brookson Painkiller

“Our in-house Brookson Financial team is on-hand to support all of our clients with TAILORED advice and can access exclusive rates and Day 1 contractor mortgages”


The Candidate Pain

“I’ve got one eye on early retirement and although the day rate’s great, it isn’t paying into my pension pot, which I can’t have can I?”

The Brookson Painkiller

“Pensions you say? We can set you up with a leading scheme that offers excellent terms and has been built for contractors. We can even advise you on making employer contributions to help with your tax efficiencies. “

We’ll also carry out a FREE Financial Health Check

We know that there are certain fears everyone faces when they make changes to their career. But if your candidates are worried about anything we’ve covered, you now have an answer.

And if you ever need more detail, our team is on hand to help. You can also find out more at Brookson Financial.

Brookson Financial is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

* “A wobble” can be both physical or emotional. Either way, we hope this blog helps to minimise wobbling.


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