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Brexit EU

Brexit – The effect of Article 50 on the recruitment industry

Brexit is set to have an enormous impact on the recruitment sector, with many companies left uncertain over how leaving the EU will affect their... Read more

Recruitment Agency employees

5 Ways Recruitment Agencies Can Reduce Risk for Contractors

Recruitment agencies have the opportunity and responsibility to protect their own long-term brand reputation and mitigate the chance of financial... Read more

Supply Chain Compliance – What recruiters and hirers really need to know.

Supply chain compliance has recently become the hottest topic among most of the recruiters we work with. For the 15 years that I have been involved... Read more

Are you prepared for a potential cyber attack?

The changing nature and innovative trends of digital technology means it has become heavily incorporated into all aspects of our everyday lives,... Read more

Boomerang Funding – Money Makes the World go round

You are probably not old enough to remember Liza Minnelli singing “Money makes the world go round” for the hit movie Cabaret in 1972. A movie... Read more

Why you should connect with specialists on LinkedIn

There are so many articles out there telling you that joining LinkedIn is a MUST to advance your career – But what happens once you have created... Read more

Career opportunities at 50+ It’s never too late to make a new start

As the number of people self-employed in the UK hits a record 4.6 million, it’s emerged that 70% of the growth in recent years has come from people... Read more

Summer Budget 2015 Overview

At a point when the economy had started to pick up and the Government has previously showed small signs of recognising the role the flexible... Read more

Potential changes to tax and NI relief for travel and subsistence costs incurred by contractors

The 2015 Finance Bill which became law at the end of March 2015 includes new rules which determine the availability of tax relief for reimbursed... Read more

Spotting high-value clients

If your work involves contracting directly with clients, you are probably already aware that the process can be somewhat hit-and-miss. Of course, you... Read more

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