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Pros and Cons of Running a Limited Company

The Pros and Cons of Running a Limited Company

Operating as a sole trader or a limited company are two of the most popular business models used by self-employed individuals. Often it can be... Read more

How to Find a Contractor Accountant that's right for You

How to Find a Contractor Accountant that’s right for You

A contractor accountant isn't like other financial experts. Whereas a regular accountancy firm will deal with dozens of clients at a time and offer... Read more

Specialist Accountant BrooksonOne

3 Reasons Contractors Need a Specialist Accountant

Every successful contractor needs to get to grips with their finances and the easiest way to do that is with a Specialist Accountant. If you dream of... Read more

scared to switch contractor accountants

Don’t be scared to switch Contractor Accountants

Ghosts and monsters aren’t the only things that can give you a scare, sometimes it’s the fear of change, but looking at how to switch Contractor... Read more

Top construction projects in the UK in 2018

Top construction projects in the UK in 2018

Life for a contractor working in the construction industry can be exciting and varied, with so many huge construction projects ongoing in the UK at... Read more

Contractor expenses: What can I claim when working as a freelance contractor?

What contractor expenses can I claim as a freelance contractor?

A major part of your finances when you're a freelance contractor is working out what contractor expenses you can claim? Doing so ensures you don't... Read more

Why do I need a contractor accountant?

Why choose a specialist contractor accountant? Every contractor should think about taking on a specialist contractor accountant to help with their... Read more

Using a specialist contractor accountant

Finding The Best Contractor Accountant For You

After you’ve setup your limited company, it’s time to find a specialist contractor accountant that fits your needs and will be with you every... Read more

How Can Contractor Accountants Help You?

What to Expect From a Contractor Accountant

Before you make the jump and sign up with that contractor accountant, it’s best to get an idea of what a specialist accountant for... Read more

Contractor Accounting help and advice from Brookson

Understanding your annual tax and accounts is stressful enough, and difficult to navigate. Brookson are on hand to help you navigate your finances and help with small business accounting with simple solutions tailored to you and your limited company

If you’re looking to find an accountant or perhaps switch to a new one, then hopefully our Brookson One Accounting Blog posts will help you find your way a bit clearer.