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How to Find a Contractor Accountant that's right for You

How to Find a Contractor Accountant that’s right for You

A contractor accountant isn't like other financial experts. Whereas a regular accountancy firm will deal with dozens of clients at a time and offer... Read more

The Most Common Accounting Mistakes Contractors Make

When you’re new to the world of contracting, you’re bound to make mistakes. While some contractors might give their clients too much power,... Read more

Contractor expenses: What can I claim when working as a freelance contractor?

What contractor expenses can I claim as a freelance contractor?

A major part of your finances when you're a freelance contractor is working out what contractor expenses you can claim? Doing so ensures you don't... Read more

Searching online for the best remortgaging offer

Remortgaging for contractors – What to consider and when to act

On the 2nd August 2018, the Bank of England raised interest rates for only the second time in a decade, taking the base rate up to 0.75 percent. This... Read more

Why do I need a contractor accountant?

Why choose a specialist contractor accountant? Every contractor should think about taking on a specialist contractor accountant to help with their... Read more

What can you claim when working overseas

What can you claim when working overseas?

Claiming on your expenses can be tricky enough in the UK, but what about when you have to travel abroad for work? So if you're asking what can you... Read more

IR35 Statement at westminster

Brookson responds to consultation on IR35 reforms in the private sector

In May, HMRC issued their eagerly-awaited consultation on IR35 reforms in the private sector which they confirmed “looks at improving the rules... Read more

GDPR: The silver lining within the compliance cloud

GDPR Impact After two years of anticipation, the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) came in to force on 25th May 2018. Prior to this,... Read more

Mortgages for Contractors

Don’t miss out on the best contractor mortgage deals

Although the UK employment market is changing, and the number of contractors is increasing, lending criteria applied by many providers is lagging... Read more

Age 55 and want to take your pension assets?

You might have heard that you can now take out some of your pension once you hit 55. But is this a good idea? David Mount, Brookson Financial MD, can... Read more