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Going Limited setting up limited company


In contracting – as in most of life – timing is everything. While many successful contractors don’t jump ship so much as get pushed, it’s... Read more

7 things to start contracting secret contractor

7 things you shouldn’t start contracting without

7 things you shouldn't start contracting without The great thing when you start contracting is that life, in theory at least, becomes a lot more... Read more

Beginner’s Tips for Using an Umbrella Company

Setting out in the world of self-employment is never easy. Although you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, ditching the... Read more

Contractor expenses: What can I claim when working as a freelance contractor?

What contractor expenses can I claim as a freelance contractor?

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Brookson passes FCSA review with flying colours

Brookson passes FCSA review with flying colours

Brookson passes FCSA Code of Compliance review of our Umbrella Company and Limited Company Accountancy services and can also confirm that our newly... Read more