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Comfort.  Noun :  A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.
“there’s room for four people to travel in comfort”

Discontent. Noun: Dissatisfaction with one’s circumstances; lack of contentment.
“voters voiced discontent with both parties” (sheesh, no surprise there!)

Every day, we speak to at least one person who experiences the latter. In fact, 50% of our clients moved into contracting because they’d had enough of the permanent world.

But almost everyone who turns from the comfy(ish) world of being employed to becoming a self-employed experiences a little twinge. It’s called…


And Ian Brown got it spot on. You got the fear, especially if you’re just starting out on your contractor journey.

Here’s a few fears we see time and time again (option to start playing Mr Brown’s song F.E.A.R. whilst reading this):

F – Familiarity

AKA ‘I’ve never done this before. I’m worried. What am I doing?’


With the right accountant, you can focus on the job at hand! Yes, you have director responsibilities, but the numbers, legislation and set up will be sorted by us. All you really need to do is deliver on your contract (no pressure).

E – Employee Perks

Yes, you won’t have the usual ones. Your own comfy chair, a space dedicated to your sandwiches in the fridge. But who cares? Because if you take the last point about sandwiches, one super perk as a contractor is Expenses!  That lunchtime butty, bap or bagel you purchase could be reclaimable!

And you can also access pensions, death in service (or morbid insurance) and health cover, all of which can also be expensed.

A – Acceptance

Remember when you stepped out into the big bad working world? Contracting is like starting all over again. But this time YOU’RE your own boss.

You’ve got nobody breathing down your neck! No office politics. No hidden agendas. You’re there to focus on what you need to do, utilising your expertise and experience. You don’t need to get on with Geoff who’s mates with the CIO and enjoys an early morning Reiki session.

Your skills pay the bills!

R – Repeat Work

Assignments, on average, are usually between 3 to 6 months. There will be times where you may have a break in roles. But this time can be spent how you like. Maybe a holiday, a course you’ve always wanted to do or even some R and R.

As you’re on a higher day rate than your counterpart employee, you can put some money aside to cover for those quieter periods.

And don’t forget the phrase “contract extension!”

Do you still have the F.E.A.R?

We hope you do, as having some is always a good thing. Remember though, you’re not alone. We guarantee though that if you conquer these fears, contracting can change your life.

Just ask a contractor who you’re working with.

Best of luck.


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