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Here we speak to Brookson Customer Manuel, who walked us through a day in the life of a Chassis Fixing Engineer in the automotive sector.

Q. How long have you been contracting and what attracted you to contracting?
A. I have been contracting for over 2 years now (from June 2015).
Contracting was the only option for me at the time as a permanent role was not available. Having said that, I really like contracting especially as I now get paid for the hours I work.

Q. What is your current job title?
A. Chassis Fixing Engineer/Production Liaison.

Q. What does a Chassis Fixing Engineer involve?
A. The job involves the assessment of the joint integrity of all the Chassis bolted joints of all platforms within Jaguar Land Rover in the advance concept phase. This also includes supporting in the BIW, Powertrain and Electrification bolted joint analysis.

Q. What is your current assignment and where is it based? Does it mean you are away from home a lot?
A. My current assignment is relatively local to where I live. My assignment is in Gaydon and I live in Leamington Spa so it is a commute is about an hour with traffic.

Q. What does your current assignment entail?
A. Project management and Computer-aided engineer (CAE).

Q. Please talk us through your typical day…
A. A typical day starts with me reviewing any problems that have occurred in production, assessing appropriate solutions and then meeting with the relevant people to make sure these problems are solved and in line with the project goals.

Q. What do you most like about your current role and what, if anything, would you change?
A. I Like the environment I work in and the fact that I can work flexibly and meet a variety of people.

Q. How long have you been a Brookson customer?
A. I have been with Brookson since I started contracting two and a half years ago.

Q. How does the Brookson One service help you as a contractor?
A. Brookson have helped me organise my finances, I know what taxes need to payed and ultimately how much money I can take home each month. This was particularly helpful being new to contracting.

Q. What element of the Brookson One service do you value most?
A. The connect portal is a great tool provided by Brookson. Just by logging in I can view the money I have available and can be taken out, I have access to a personal tax tracker as well as document storage location where I can upload all my documents and view them whenever I need too.
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