Working as a police officer is a challenging and rewarding career, though people wanting a change can find it difficult to settle in a new field.

Often, ex-police officers are unsure where to start with their job search, but their time in the force teaches them plenty of transferable skills that can help them move successfully into a host of other industries.

Contract roles in particular can be especially beneficial, as they often allow flexible working hours, giving people the chance to choose when and how they work. This could be ideal for those leaving the police as it allows them to transition into a new way of working and ensure they have enough time for themselves.

For those who are looking to continue working in authority, there are opportunities in areas such as fraud, cyber-crime, surveillance, counter-terrorism, risk management and project management.

A lot of the skills developed during a career as a police officer will make you especially appealing to other forces that may be looking to hire professionals on a temporary basis. Your next career also may not be within the police, as plenty of businesses will be interested in your expertise.

If you decide that contractor work is best for you, the next step will be promoting yourself to potential employers. There are specialist recruitment agencies that focus exclusively on candidates with law enforcement and policing experience, so you should aim to outline your skills as clearly as possible. These companies can also help guide you to jobs that suit your abilities the most.

With the internet now a vital tool for recruitment, creating a strong online profile is crucial. LinkedIn is one of the most important sites for this and enables professionals to network with recruiters and key members of different industries. This approach will help to increase your chances of landing a role.

What’s more, there are plenty of freelance roles available on LinkedIn, so joining the site can help you to gain a better understanding of the positions available to you and identify the kind of work that would suit you the most.

By operating as a contractor, you could even try a range of different temporary roles to further your knowledge and become a more well-rounded worker. This will mean you can try roles that offer different challenges every day, rather than staying in the same position full-time and following a repetitive routine.

A great opportunity for people coming out of the police force and considering a career in contracting would be the Police Resettlement Expo taking place on 31st January at the QEII Centre in London. This is the first event of its kind, ran by Security Cleared Jobs, experts in hosting jobs in this industry.

Managing Director at Security Cleared Jobs, Tony Samuel, comments “we’ve noticed an increasing trend of people coming out of the police force and into contract roles and as a result we have a dedicated expo to support these individuals in finding their next role. What we find is that these individuals have the right skills to move into contracting roles but can lack the experience in managing their time as a self-employed professional. This is where a specialist accountant like Brookson can help in setting up as a Limited Company, providing proactive support with effective tax planning and much more.”

Brookson are delighted to be the exclusive accountancy partner at the event and will be on hand to offer support and advice to anybody currently contracting or considering a career in contracting in the future.

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