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Top 10 Laptops for Freelancers

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Typically working on the go and often remotely, freelancers depend on staying up to date with latest technology. In fact many freelancers today can do their job with just the use of phone and a laptop. Here we take a look at the best laptops on the market for freelancers today, taking into account everything a freelancer would need including performance, weight, size, memory and overall aesthetics. So whether you are looking for entry level laptops or the best money can buy, Brookson’s top 10 should have something for you.

Top 10 Laptops For Freelancers


1.  LaptopsHP 255 G4 – (Best Budget Buy)

The 255 G4 is HP’s entry level business range laptop, should you be looking for a straight forward reliable laptop. Its price is its main selling point however at under £200, making it very affordable for freelancer just starting out and those on a budget or possibly needing a backup laptop.

Price: £199.99


Laptops2. Dell Inspiration 15-5559 – (Best Performance Buy)

With its powerful core i7 processor this laptop is able to handle all your office tasks and with 16GB of RAM these task can all be easily  done at once, while maintaining a smooth performance. This computer won’t disappoint when it comes to strenuous tasks.

Price: £742.99


Laptops3. Toshiba Portege Z30-C-138

This laptop comes with 4G connectivity, meaning if you are a travelling business, you can have access to the internet 24/7. In addition with its 11 hour battery life you can ensure it will last for those long journeys, without the hassle of having to charge it again. Perfect for the freelancer on the go.

Price: £1388.99


409668-lenovo-ideapad-yoga-2-pro4. Lenovo ThinkPad X240

This laptop also comes with 4G connectivity, meaning if you are a travelling business, you can have access to the internet 24/7. Also it has the feature of the swappable battery; therefore there is no need to worry about charging it for long periods of time, as all it takes is a quick switch of the battery. Some really good features for a mid-priced laptop.

Price: £749.99


Laptops5. Lenovo B51-80

Installed is a core i7 processor, meaning this laptop can handle all of your office tasks in a quick and smooth fashion. With it comes a large 15.6 display, which can be used to see great detail in tasks like photo editing. This laptop would be great for creative professionals.

Price: £522




6. Apple MacBook Pro

This laptop has an exceptional battery life, meaning it is great for those who spend long sessions of time at a laptop. Included is a quick quad core i7 processor, meaning tasks are completed in a quick and smooth fashion. One of the more expensive laptops on the market but well worth the purchase.

Price: £1299.99


Laptops7. Fujitsu Lifebook E736

With a massive 32GB of RAM installed you are able to run hundreds of tasks at once, without affecting the laptops performance, making it very convenient for heavy users, who like to get everything done at once. Freelancers that need to carry out tasks such as video rendering and large scale edits on the go would benefit from this product.

Price: £1187.99


Laptops8. HP Envy

With its large 17.3 inch display it can be used to see great detail in tasks like photo editing.  It also comes with a core i7 processor for quick, smooth tasks but also an NVidia GeForce GT 650M graphics card, which greatly enhances the images on the screen. Perfect for those doing tasks like animation.

Price: £799



Laptops9. Dell XPS – (Best Overall Buy)

The excellent processor, video card and display provide a top quality office experience on the road. This laptop is one of the best for performance business laptops on the market and would appeal to a broad range of freelancers.

Price: £1255


Laptops10. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The surface pro 4 can turn from a laptop to a tablet, to suit the environment you are in, while still fully running on your desktop software. This is fast becoming the laptop of choice for professionals in and out of client meetings with its versatility and light weight feel.

Price: £749


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  1. Rachel

    While I want to start freelancing, I know that I don’t necessarily have the tools to do so. Having a good laptop for freelancing is a priority to me, so I’m glad to see there are some affordable options out there! Thanks for sharing this list!

  2. Victoria McDonnell

    Hi Rachel, thanks for your comment and I hope this article helps your freelancing career.

  3. John Dee

    A great article thanks
    Two years ago I would have used it to select a new Windows machine . Following a frustrating time with buggy freezing and slow laptops that I admit to purchasing on price rather than any insight into their abilities or reputation
    I instead plumped for a huge investment in number 6 on your list
    An Apple MacBook pros retina 15″.
    it has turned out to be an inspired choice. The cost is pretty steep. Few will be able to get a 15 inch machine with software ( Microsoft office for Mac) and receive much change from £2000!
    It’s been more than made up for by
    No viruses and bugs
    Genuine 10 hr battery
    Always switched on ( 0 boot up time )
    Mega fast even when running video editing software alongside all functions of ms office and surfing the net.

    Compatibility issues are a thing of the past. It looks good, retains vale and. …. Just works!
    Thanks again for an in testing read brookson.

    • Victoria McDonnell

      Many thanks John and glad you found the article of interest. Thanks for sharing your experience and recommendation with our readers


  4. Elkam

    Your blog serve to me as a stumble in a right place at the right time. For am about to start a career in freelancing looking for the best office base which is the suitable laptop and this your explicit analysis on the laptops served. Thanks

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