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As we all know, working from home is the new normal. Adjusting to your home surroundings and working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak can be quite daunting and stressful.

To help you plan your day and get the right work-life balance, we have put together a few tips to make your working from home experience that bit easier.

Stick to your usual routine

When you wake up in the morning, do the usual preparation that you would do before going to work; have your coffee, get a shower and get dressed.

Create your workspace

Even though it may be tempting to work from your bed, it isn’t practical and won’t enable you to work at your full potential. Having a dedicated working area with a table and chair is a great starting point, it will help you feel like you’re in an office environment and has an added benefit of being better for your posture.

Plan your day

When working from home, it can be easy to lose track of what you are working on and jump between different tasks. Planning your day, the day before or in the morning will help you focus on your priorities and actions. It also allows you to update your co-workers on exactly what you are working on and find time to support them if needed.

Stay well connected

If you work in a team, it is ideal to maintain regular check-ins with your co-workers, when working from home we need to do as much as we can to help each other out. This is a great way to stay connected with colleagues on a personal level, we are all unfortunately in the same situation, therefore it’s nice to catch up with colleagues and hear their working from home stories and catch up on how they are doing. We are lucky that software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype are available to keep us connected.

Take regular breaks

Working in an office or working from home, you should always take regular breaks away from your desk to stretch and keep your mind fresh.

Get some fresh air!

As we all know, we are under strict instructions to stay indoors by the government, however, you still need fresh air to remain well and healthy. Use your lunch break or time after work as your one hour of exercise a day, this is great for your mental health and fitness purposes.

Turn your personal phone off

When working from home we encounter so many distractions, mainly from our mobile phones. Reduce the number of times you use your phone a day and focus on your tasks ahead.

Make time for loved ones

Another huge distraction for us working from home are our family members, whether that be your children, husband/wife or even your mum and dad! Speak to your family members and let them know that even though you are in the house, you are not available, you need to be left alone in order to be productive.


The last and most important tip for working from home, Look after yourself! Self-isolating can be an unhappy time for a lot of us, with everything going on in the world it’s easy to focus on all the negatives rather than the positives. Make sure you exercise, get fresh air and stay connected with your loved ones. If you are feeling low during this ordeal (which we can guarantee, you won’t be the only one) reach out, speak to your colleagues and let them know how you feel.

We hope this blog helps when planning your day to day tasks and also with finding the right work-life balance.

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