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Best reasons to join Brookson

For more than 20 years we have been providing specialist accountancy services for contractors, here’s why we are unique...


All-inclusive service 

Brookson is unique amongst contractor accountants. We do everything on your behalf so you can concentrate on more productive things. What’s more our all-inclusive services ensure all your financial affairs are taken care of in one place and we won’t charge you extra for any of our core services.


Brookson Connect

Brookson Connect gives you better control, flexibility and peace of mind of your finances. The most comprehensive accountancy portal in the market, Connect enables you to fully manage your accounts on the go and allows Brookson to provide a complete consultative service.


IR35 Compliance

We're proud of our compliance heritage and have vast experience in dealing with IR35. With Brookson you know you’re in safe hands and have access to FREE and unlimited IR35 reviews as part of our all-inclusive Limited Company Service.

FREE advice for Contractors

Are you thinking of setting up your own business and becoming a contractor or freelancer? We often hear a lot of people wanting to make the leap but often don’t because they’re not sure about the financial rules and regulations.

So whether you are new to contracting or already established in your field, arm yourself with the latest knowledge from our handy contractor and business guides.

choosing your working options

Choosing Your Working Options

This guide is ideal for anyone considering the various self-employment working options, from running a limited company, working as a sole trader or working through an umbrella company.

setting up limited company

Setting up a Limited Company

This guide is ideal for anyone who is looking to understand what is involved in forming and running your own Limited Company.

working through umbrella

Working Through an Umbrella Company

This guide is ideal for anyone considering working through an umbrella company. It provides a jargon free overview of the Brookson Umbrella service, along with the key benefits.

More than just accountants

Brookson offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of today’s contractors

Company Setup

Brookson will assist you with setting up your new Limited Company.


Brookson work with leading UK banks to set-up your business bank account quickly.

IR35 Compliance

Brookson have a team of in-house Employment Law specialists to keep you safe.

Business Expenses

Expense processing on the go with Brookson's Connect portal.

Tax Planning

Dedicated portfolio manager to give you proactive tax planning advice.

Umbrella Employment

Brookson provide an Umbrella PAYE Solution for those wanting to work this way.

Insurance Services

Access to specialist insurance to support your business requirements.

Legal Services

Brookson Legal Service offer an extensive range of legal support and advice.

Financial Services

Supporting flexible workers with pensions, mortgages and financial planning.


Running a Ltd Co as a contractor couldn't be easier than with Brookson, easy to understand accountancy specifies exactly what you can draw and shows your tax liabilities.

Colin Woodley

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