Recruiters 'should enhance mobile presence'

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Contractors who are on the lookout for new project work could soon see a change in the way they apply for jobs, as mobile recruitment becomes a key trend in the world of employment. 

At present, less than ten per cent of company career sites in the UK and US are equipped for professionals to put themselves in the frame for work using their mobile phone. However, one expert has claimed more needs to be done to adapt to technological advancements. 

UK mobile evangelist Dave Martin told Recruiter that a rising percentage of firms are slowly, but steadily optimising their websites for best visibility on smartphones and tablets in order to keep up with changing consumer behaviour. 

Mr Martin - chief technology officer and co-founder of mobile recruitment technology company Three Sparks - said at the moment, recruitment companies are failing to support the very definition of their operations on mobile devices. 

According to the expert, failures in this area mean potential job applicants are forced to wait until they are at a desktop system to apply for work. Very often, this drawn out process can be a deterrent for individuals who would rather upload their CV or send an enquiry email right there and then. 

Also an important factor in recruitment is the speed of page loading, with applicants more likely to apply for a role if the website loads in a timely manner. Mr Martin spoke of recent research carried out by online retail giant Amazon, which found seven per cent of customers are lost for every second it takes for a page to load. 

Acknowledging the broken journey of applying for jobs via desktop solutions, the expert said that twice as many jobseekers will apply for a role through a mobile system than via a regular PC when the advertisement is posted on both platforms. 

His comments could have major implications for recruitment firms, which have been urged to take advantage of digital developments in order to compete in the modern market. Applicants are also likely to change how they search for jobs if more firms take up this method. 

Mobile recruitment has been hailed as one of the key advancements in this area going into 2014. The ongoing rise in smartphone and tablet use among members of the public have created a huge audience of potential jobseekers who need to connect. As a result, both corporate recruiters and technology vendors are investigating new ways to reach out to this new user. 

Further recruitment methods include online and social recruiting, along with employment branding initiatives that are run alongside marketing efforts and mobile outreach. Analysts have also predicted high demand for contract workers heading into next year, thanks to a shortage of candidates with appropriate skills and experience. 

A lack of skills has been reported by agencies working in permanent recruitment, with 25 per cent of companies citing this as an issue in recent findings. 

By Victoria McDonnell

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