Three-in-ten workers over state pension age are self employed, new figures show.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Just under a third of Brits working past retirement are self-employed, new figures show.

According to the Pension Trends report from the Office for National Statistics, 31.3 per cent of workers at state pension age (SPA) or older were self employed in the April-June quarter of 2012, well over double the proportion of self-employed workers below SPA.

Although the number of men working past retirement age outnumbered women for the first time ever, this could be because of incoming changes to the female SPA meaning that women may be expected to work until the age of 62, depending on their date of birth.

It appears that many of those who choose to be self-employed are taking advantage of the flexibility it offers them in order to enjoy their retirement, since about 50 per cent more men and nearly three times as many women work part-time than full-time after reaching SPA.

Gender differences are evident in the type of work done by men and women after SPA.

Men are more likely to work as managers, directors, or senior officials, followed by professional and skilled occupations. However, elementary roles such as cleaning, or administrative work, are more popular among women.

By Victoria McDonnell

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