£1m Aeromet grant points to boost for aerospace industry.

Friday 22 February 2013

UK aerospace companies are enjoying a boost thanks to the government’s Regional Growth Fund.

In previous rounds of funding applications, several companies including Airbus and Druck have been awarded grants to stimulate jobs and growth across the country.

As a result, aerospace operations in the UK are seeing a boost, and contractors working across the industry are likely to benefit from the increase in demand for specialist skills and expertise. Growth in these companies is likely to create demand throughout their supply chains and spark development among their competitors.

Aeromet, which makes aluminium castings for the aerospace industry, has been given more than £1 million for research into its patented aluminium alloy. A20X is described as the strongest cast aluminium alloy commercially available.

It is hoped that reducing the weight of individual components by using A20X will make flight more efficient by reducing the amount of fuel required. The Universities of Birmingham and Warwick will work alongside the firm to explore the potential of the new material.

By Victoria McDonnell

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