The interview process for IT jobs is 3.7 hours longer than five years ago, new figures have shown.

Thursday 28 February 2013

Jobseekers in the IT industry now have to spend an average of 8.2 hours in interviews before securing their position, according to new figures from Randstad Technologies.

The process is now 3.7 hours longer than in 2008 and more time-consuming than recruitment for other professional lines of work, which are currently around seven hours, the study shows.

As a result, the total length of time taken over finding a new job has risen by 38 per cent.

Over half the IT professionals questioned in the study, who had all found new jobs in the last twelve months, said that the process was more difficult than five years ago.

The figures do not include the additional time for things like psychometric testing, which increase the demands upon job-hunters considerably.

However, compared to recruitment processes across the job market, IT hiring is significantly quicker, which Randstad’s managing director Mike Beresford said was testament to the highly desirable skills of professionals in the sector.

Contractors manage to circumvent most of these procedures, making them attractive options for businesses who need expertise quickly or on a temporary basis.

By Victoria McDonnell

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