IT contractors 'can supply demand for big data skills'

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Much has been written about the apparent shortage of skilled IT professionals in the UK. As private and public sector organisations have become more reliant on technology in recent years, demand for technology specialists has increased at a rapid rate. And with the supply of skilled workers struggling to keep up in the UK, there is an array of opportunities for limited company and umbrella company contractors with IT skills.

But this does not mean technology pros are on the gravy train, that they can simply throw their hat in the ring and be offered top rates of pay. The pace of innovation is rapid in this constantly evolving sector, and as such, it is imperative that IT contractors keep on the pulse. They need to work hard, and earn the lucrative placements. Only those who invest time and money into their own professional development, gaining new skills, command of emerging solutions and the necessary certifications can expect to maximise their career potential.

With this in mind, IT contractors are being urged to look out for the 'next big thing' in the industry, and take the steps necessary to ensure they can capitalise on demand as it arises. One area which has burst into life in recent years is big data - in terms of the collection, storage and interpretation of information. With companies and organisations generating ever-more reams of data, IT pros with the skills to manage it and draw insight can be extremely valuable to employers.

In an article for Contractor UK, Edward Jones of Firebrand Training has urged IT contractors to learn about big data, and develop their skills in this area. He claimed there is a shortage of big data knowledge in the west - and this potentially means high daily rates for those who do have the required expertise. But freelancers may need to move quickly, as Mr Jones says there is growing interest in the discipline from companies in eastern nations, which may look to corner the market.

Writing for the source, Mr Jones said that the rapidly growing interest in big data is clear from looking at Google trends, with India leading the way. He added that while the west is jostling for position, it is likely that the subcontinent is where the next level of innovation will be identified. As such, he suggested that contractors should act quickly to establish a foothold in this expanding market.

According to Mr Jones, everyone is talking about big data. He noted that TV documentaries are being made about the subject, and salaries for its practitioners are rising at an incredible rate. He suggested that industry practitioners do what they can to take advantage of any opportunities as there is a lot of money to be made and they could boost their earning capacity by some margin.

By Victoria McDonnell

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