Dull office environments are inspiration-free zones for creative workers, study shows.

Friday 1 March 2013

Boring offices hamper creativity, a new study has shown.

Dull and uninspiring working environments get in the way of collaboration and prevent workers generating new ideas, according to the research by Overbury, which might explain why so many people in the creative industries choose to work as freelancers.

Nearly six out of ten office workers say that innovation is vital to their business, while almost half say that sharing ideas would significantly benefit their company.

But fifty per cent suggested that their offices did not offer such an environment, reporting that their firms would enjoy greater success if there was scope for staff to be more creative.

In fact, even more said that their office did not have any social or common space.

As a result, a third said they lacked real opportunities to collaborate at work, while another 30 per cent said they struggled to come up with ideas.

In fact, 35 per cent said that they would much rather work from home whenever they can, even though this will mean even less chance to work alongside their colleagues.

By Victoria McDonnell

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