Temporary staff pay rates grow at sharpest rate since 2007

Demand for contractors has started to be reflected more strongly in pay rates, according to new research. The ' Report on Jobs ' from the Recruitment ...

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Will executive search code help to address to gender imbalance?

Vince Cable has announced the introduction of an Enhanced Code of Conduct for executive search firms in a bid to get more women appointed to the board of FTSE ...

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Govt invests £52 million to address science skills gap

Contractors are being used to plug the skills gap across multiple industries, but it is perhaps science-related subjects where demand is at its highest level. ...

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APSCo: Businesses increasing contractor use as matter of course

The use of contractors as a matter of course is increasing, according to new figures from APSCo. Placements and vacancy numbers have risen by ten per cent and ...

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Is the government doing enough to help you operate overseas?

Limited companies and sole traders have been encouraged by the government to export into new markets in recent years, but new research suggests not enough is ...

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Is the US set to dominate the oil and gas talent pipeline?

UK-based Limited company contractors in the oil and gas sector could soon find professionals from the US snapping at their heels. A study from research and ...

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Citizens' Jury in favour of income tax and NI integration

The integration of income tax and national insurance (NI) has received the backing of a Citizen's Jury formed by BritainThinks for PwC. This comes after ...

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House of Lords Select Committee questions government response to PSC report

Following the release of the government response to the recent personal service company consultation, the House of Lords Select Committee has now given its ...

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Govt plans to merge NI and income tax

A future Conservative government could see income tax and National Insurance (NI) merged in a bid to simplify the tax system. It has been reported that the ...

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