'Future proofing' leads to an increase in technology contractors

Tuesday 14 July 2015

As more companies are looking to create future-proof systems within their business, an increase in demand for contractors working in the technology sector has emerged, according to the latest information released by Venn Group as part of its London Recruitment Index.

The company said that as more and more business owners look to introduce future-proof technology and tools to aid efficiency, productivity, and stakeholder communications, they are increasingly looking towards senior contractors with technology and digital backgrounds who have the ability to work with them on a project by project basis. 

The research showed that in June there was a real increase in the number of contracting roles available. This was partly down to the economy continuing to recover quicker than expected, bringing a new confidence to firms across the nation. It said this meant there was a six per cent increase in available positions in London in June when compared to May. 

Jodie Finn Associate Director of Venn Group, commented: “Activity across commerce and industry remains high post-election, but June saw particular demand for senior IT specialists to implement systems fit to manage future growth. There has specifically been demand for IT service managers with solid experience in managing design, implementation and integration, and this is reflected in the rates that these professionals can command.”

She also went on to say that this has had a knock-on effect for other areas of contracting, with firms increasingly looking to bring in digital designers and online content editors on short-term contractor deals to increase the online visibility of projects and improve engagement with audiences.

Ms Finn said the contractors currently finding the best conditions are those who have experience across a number of platforms, who can employ a "joined-up approach" to a project. This experience and the demand for the skills they have means many small and medium businesses are offering upwards of £190 per day. 

Meanwhile, those in tech roles operating at a senior level can command even better rates. The data showed that developers with experience in PHP programming are earning up to £350 a day, and IT Service Managers are making in excess of £600 a day.

Overall, the Venn Group said, there was a rise in rates for contractors securing new roles in June of four per cent, which paints a very strong picture of the contracting sector at the current time. 

By Victoria McDonnell

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