Building contractors join together for historic vote

Thursday 25 June 2015

A large number of contractors in the building industry have joined together to vote for the formation of a new trade body. Build UK will represent the industry and those who work within it within the wider world.

Some 28 firms from the UK Contractors Group joined nearly 40 organisations from the National Specialist Contractors Council for the vote. It took place on Tuesday (June 23rd) to vote for the proposal, which will affect more than 11,500 companies.

The aim of Build UK, once it has been set up, will be to provide a strong collective voice for the contracting supply chain, as well as improving conditions within the industry. This should result in better circumstances for both workers and clients.

Nick Boles, business, innovation and skills minister, highlighted the fact that any investment in construction by businesses or the government is an investment in improving the productivity of the UK. He welcomed the idea of the new trade body, adding: "The creation of Build UK is a very welcome development and places them in an influential position to continue improving performance across the sector."

The role of chairman of Build UK will be split between Kevin Louch and James Wates, with the pair confident they can work together. They said that they share the same opinion on the majority of issues within the industry. This means that decisions about skills, health and safety and procurement should not be hard to reach a consensus on moving forward.

They added: "Both government and our clients have been waiting for a joined up approach from the industry and, as a single organisation for the contracting supply chain, we will pack a powerful punch and have a real chance to make some big changes."

Now that the vote has been held, it is thought that Build UK will become operational from September 1st, as scheduled. The chief executive officer of the body will be Suzannah Nichol MBE, who will use her expertise to oversee its work. All members of the organisation will then be able to use its logos and representation.

By Victoria McDonnell

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