British consumers happy to shun large brands for small and independent firms

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Small and independent firms have a much more favourable image among the British public than larger organisations, a new survey has found.

According to research by Avery WePrint, 75 per cent of UK adults regard small business owners as hard-working, while 31 per cent believe they are honest.

By contrast, only six per cent of respondents said they feel chief executives of large corporations are trustworthy.

The survey showed this sentiment is feeding into many people's purchasing decisions and how they view their dealings with organisations.

For instance, just 53 per cent of those who buy from large chains report feelings of happiness and contentment after completing their transaction.

This compares with 80 per cent among people who purchase from small and independent firms.

Fiona Mills, spokeswoman for Avery WePrint, believes the fact that small businesses offer a highly personalised service is one reason they are so popular with consumers.

As a result, she believes it is important for companies of all sizes to "take every opportunity to show that they care about their customers' individual needs".

"Customers say they feel valued by small companies and that's something every business should be trying to emulate," Ms Mills commented.

More than half of the British adults surveyed said they have experienced poor customer service from a large chain, with many saying they had dealt with unpleasant or rude staff, been ignored or forgotten about and received a highly impersonal service.

Avery WePrint went on to stress the importance of marketing and branding an organisation in its early stages, via both digital and traditional communication methods.

Ms Mills said this will help a firm offer a positive first impression to potential customers and convince them they can provide a high standard of service.

By Victoria McDonnell

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