UK businesses relying more on contractors

Many businesses in the UK are in a difficult position at the moment. On the one hand, a surge in the amount of work they are taking on means they have an ...

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Self-employed 'happier' than full-time employees

It's always a risk becoming self-employed, as the lack of stability can make it difficult to make the switch. However, there are also plenty of advantages ...

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Staffing crisis increasing locum usage

New figures have shown that demand for locum doctors is increasing as many surgeries use them as a solution for staffing problems. A report released by the ...

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Number of high-growth SMEs increasing

With research suggesting that the economic climate is ideal for small businesses, it may be no surprise that the number of small and medium-sized enterprises ...

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Over half of firms plan to recruit IT security contractors this year

More than half of businesses are planning to recruit additional IT security contractors over the course of 2016, new research reveals. Barclay Simpson's ...

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Flexible working boosts productivity

New research has found that flexible working can help promote better productivity and boost profits in the process. Often cited as one of the main reasons for ...

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Contractors should receive more gov support, says review

Self-employed people ought to have similar rights to company employees, a new review has found. Conducted by entrepreneur Julie Deane on behalf of the ...

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Contractors key part of startup success

Contractors have a vital role to play in startups, a new survey has revealed. Conducted by Flexing It, an online organisation that connects professionals to ...

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SME owners happier now than when employed

Although running your own small business can mean a lot of hard work and sacrifices in the early stages to make it a success, new research has suggested that ...

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Freelancer confidence boosts at the end of 2015

Everybody can benefit from feeling confident in their particular sector at work. However, for the self-employed this is especially vital. Feeling confident in ...

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Hiring boom should benefit consultants

New figures have shown that employment opportunities are increasing, which indicates a positive climate for contractors and consultants alike. According to ...

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February looking good for contractors

The current state of businesses in the UK is proving to be very beneficial to contractors of all kinds, according to the latest report from the Recruitment and ...

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