Higher number of IT contractors since Brexit vote

Tuesday 11 October 2016

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has found that the number of IT contractors has been on the rise since the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) in June.

Since the Brexit vote, the REC’s national index measuring the demand for IT contractors has show that it is now at its highest at 55.6 per cent, compared to 53.4 per cent in August, 53.7 per cent in July and 52.8 per cent in June.

Tom Hadley, REC’s director of policy, said that the data represents “further evidence that UK employers have shrugged off the initial shock of the referendum result".

IT and computing professionals, as well as engineers and medical professionals are high in demand at the moment, and these industries are currently experiencing “pre-referendum patterns” of recruitment trends.

Despite this, Mr Hadley said that “there remains a degree of caution in London [where the majority voted to remain in the EU], and where permanent hiring has been on pause for the last five months.”

This is because of the lack of certainty surrounding the long-term impact of Brexit - so this is where the demand for IT contracting comes in. There is currently a shortage of IT contractors for development work and a shortage of full-time roles for IT professionals.

Those working in recruitment seem to have held off from seeking out and hiring those with digital skills as a result of the uncertainty of the long-term implications of Brexit on the UK economy. However, these industries are still predicted to thrive once the UK officially leaves the EU.

Regardless, IT contractors are still high in demand despite the shock Brexit vote in June, and their skills are highly valued. The IT industries continue to thrive and progress and there are plenty of roles available throughout the UK for IT professionals.

By Victoria McDonnell

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