Over 90% of self-employed professionals enjoy working for themselves

Tuesday 18 October 2016

A recent survey conducted by Markel - a UK-based specialist online insurer for professionals - has reported some very interesting statistical findings for those interested in becoming their own boss.

The survey, titled 'The Rise of the Self-Employed', found that around 90 per cent of self-employed professionals enjoy working for themselves. The survey involved 250 participants, and they claimed they were much happier being self-employed instead of working in traditional employment. In fact, just under 40 per cent of the self-employed stated that they didn’t miss the typical working environment at all.

In addition to this, workers also mentioned a number of aspects of self-employment that they enjoyed the most. These included the freedom and flexibility of their working life and the ability to maintain a work-life balance, which around 63 per cent cited.

From the positive results of the survey it is clear that freedom, flexibility, happiness, satisfaction and pursuing passions in working life are important aspects for self-employed professionals.

In response to the survey’s findings, Paul Aveyard, digital marketing manager at Markel, said: “Those in full-time employment are often considered to be at an advantage. But nearly all of the self-employed seem to prefer working for themselves. They seem to really like their work and being their own boss.”

The statistical findings will be of huge interest to those who are strongly considering starting their own business and working for themselves. Self-employment is becoming a much more popular route for professionals, and this is now a huge trend. The amount of self-employed workers is currently at 4.76 million - as reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) - and it is estimated that this is set to rise even further.
There are many perks to becoming self-employed, such as being your own boss, strengthening your creative skills and staying in complete control of your working schedule. It is seen as a desirable option for many and there are plenty of sources of support for those who choose to go down this route.

By Victoria McDonnell

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