Are you getting the most from your business bank?

Whether you're a sole trader or limited company, your choice of business bank account - and how you interact with it - can have a significant impact on your ...

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VAT MOSS: The Facts

VAT MOSS stands for VAT Mini One Stop Shop, which is a law regarding the sale of some digital service to consumers outside the European Union (EU.) If you sell ...

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More women choosing to become self-employed

The number of self-employed women across the UK is on the rise, according to research from Towergate. Over the last eight years, the number of female ...

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FCSA: Contractors against joining public sector payroll

Plans to put contractors onto the payroll in the public sector have been poorly received by the self-employed, a new study suggests. Research from the ...

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Scotland sees rise in self-employment

Self-employment is the main driving force behind the improvements seen in Scotland's employment, according to new research. Since the recession of 2008-09, ...

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Self-employed professionals happier than traditional workers

The majority of self-employed professionals in the UK are happier working for themselves than they were when employed by a company, according to new research. ...

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REC: Permanent staff placements increase in August

Permanent staff placements increased in August for the first time in three months, a new study has found. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) ...

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IPSE: Flexible economy is essential for entrepreneurial state

A flexible economy is vital for the introduction of an entrepreneurial state, IPSE has suggested. These comments come after Shadow Chancellor John ...

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Employment rate is at its highest but self-employment is still the way forward

The rate of employment in the UK has been on the increase, but despite this self-employment is still the desired route for many people. This is because the ...

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‘Funtrepreneurs' are highly beneficial to the UK’s economy

So-called ‘funtrepreneurs’ added £165 billion in total to the UK economy over the past year, according to Freelance UK. ‘Funtrepreneurs& ...

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Most freelancers no longer rely on banks for financing their businesses

Financing a business is one of the key components one must consider when starting a small business, but for some this is not of much concern. Owing to the ...

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London-based millennials are more likely to go self-employed

As reported by Freelance UK, London-based millennials are more likely to opt to go down the route of self-employment in the future. It is often claimed that ...

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