Industry leaders chosen to recommend improvements to construction sector

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Industry leaders in the construction sector are set to look at ways to deal with future challenges. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has asked a group formed of representatives from across the sector to create a list of recommendations in a bid to make improvements.

The Future Leaders' Group, which will look at ways to improve collaboration and digitisation throughout each part of the construction industry, includes representatives from across the full supply chain. Made up of individuals from design straight through to sub-contractors, the group will have to present its report to the CBI's Construction Council later in the year.

Formed of 35 chief executives, the council is due to meet in November. At this time it will discuss the recommendations put forth by the group. Once all of the recommendations are agreed on, they will be sent to members of the Construction Leadership Council in order to inform the work it does. On top of this, they will be sent to relevant ministers in case they are required to inform policy. 

A total of 18 members all aged under 35 make up the Future Leaders' Group. Each of them has been chosen from construction firms ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to major companies. It represents a full spectrum of jobs within the construction sector, including contractors, construction products and services, ensuring a good range of ideas.

Each member has been handpicked by their respective boards, said Mark Dittmer-Odell, head of construction at CBI, in a bid to bring a fresh approach to challenges faced by the industry. It is hoped that the group will encourage innovation and develop methods so that firms are better able to meet the challenges presented by infrastructure aims set by the government in terms of roads, housing, rail and nuclear power. It will also address ways in which the industry can collaborate more effectively.

Mr Dittmer-Odell went on to say that the new group will complement the work that is already being done by the Construction Leadership Council, as it will provide new perspectives built on experience from sites across the country. 

Richard Howson, chief executive of Carillion and the chair of the Construction Council, said: “Convening the next generation of construction leaders, who will bring a fresh, young perspective to the challenges the industry faces has the potential to move the dial forward within the industry, delivering practical, implementable solutions that can ensure better collaboration across supply chains.

“Their hands-on industry experience, alongside support from leading figures from within the industry and the CBI makes this a unique and exciting project.”

The recommendations being made by the group will likely benefit large firms, SMEs and individual contractors, helping the sector as a whole. 

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By Victoria McDonnell

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