How much do locum pharmacists earn in your area?

No matter what area they're in, freelancers always need to be aware of how much they could be earning. If you're under or over-charging, it can harm ...

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HMRC reminds freelancers to fill out their tax return

For those of us who are self-employed, the new year is still a time for celebration, parties and - if we're honest - drinking a bit too much. However, ...

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Small businesses positive about 2018

When you're running your own limited company , you spend a lot of time looking to the future. It's important to forecast and plan, but sometimes, ...

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ECJ rules Uber IS an employer

Most contractors will have been following Uber's troubles over the past few months, but for those who haven't: the firm has been accused of employing ...

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Over-50s to make up majority of self-employed?

The demographics of the UK's self-employed workforce are changing. We've all seen this happen in the recent past, such as when it was revealed that ...

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How much should you be charging as a contractor?

When you work for yourself, the question of how much you should be charging is always on your mind. You want to make sure you take home as much as possible, of ...

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The best ways to get (and keep) a freelance job

In order to succeed as any type of contractor, you will need to secure contracts. However, getting hold of these freelance jobs is harder than it might seem. ...

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Could IR35 affect the private sector?

Most self-employed business people will be aware of the recent changes to IR35 legislation in the public sector. Public sector companies - and the contractors ...

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