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Monday 23 January 2017

Working from home is becoming increasingly important for workers across the UK, with more residents now shunning the office in favour of their own home. 

It is particularly beneficial for freelancers, who are able to create a workload that is suited to their needs without having to sacrifice as much of their free time as some office workers who are in the same place nine-to-five every weekday. 

There are options for homeworking in an increasing number of sectors, too, with many accountants now realising the benefits of working outside of the office and being able to create their own timetable. 

By operating as a contractor, accountants can pick and choose projects that they can balance around their personal lives, and opt for assignments that can develop them as workers, rather than continuing similar tasks day-to-day. 

For those who are used to the office environment, taking the plunge and working from home can be challenging, but adapting is easy if the right preparations are made. 

Nick Walton, press and policy advisor at the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-employed (Ipse), emphasised the benefits of a better work/life balance and the freedom to avoid rush hour commuting. 

Mr Walton explained that working from home can enable staff to work at their own pace, enjoying the required breaks when needed, which removes the stress of working in an office all day. 

However, he warned against the potential loneliness of homeworking, advising people to take breaks and make sure they remain focused throughout the day. 

In order to combat the loneliness of working from home, Ipse advised to change the work environment and perhaps work in a cafe or library to get out of the house, while breaks to go for a run or cook food could also help to make a positive difference. 

Other recommendations are to join freelancer communities, sign up for a monthly membership to a co-working space and become more involved with other professionals through collaborative work. 

It isn’t just employees that benefit from homeworking, either, as businesses can benefit greatly from using self-employed professionals. These experts are often very experienced and able to jump into a project immediately, saving small businesses from having to hire a full-time accountant. 

As technology is available for professionals to carry out their work from the comfort of their own home, it can make significant cost savings and bring benefits to companies and employees alike. 

By Victoria McDonnell

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