CITB teams up with BRE Academy for new training course

Thursday 15 June 2017

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has teamed up with the BRE Academy to offer a new online training course entitled BIM for Site Managers. 

It is hoped the project will provide site managers with a strong understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM is rapidly changing how people work and collaborate on construction projects, allowing personnel to deliver faster and more efficient services. 

The course organisers hope to provide faster and more efficient construction projects with fewer mistakes and lower costs over the course of a building plan. Rather than just adopting new software, site managers will now be required to adopt and and introduce BIM processes.

As part of the qualification, learners will understand the key principles of BIM and enable site managers to work out their responsibilities and any key actions they must take.

Ben Lever, Future Skills Manager at CITB, said: “BIM is becoming ever more important in construction, which is why we are pleased to have worked with BRE to develop this course.
“Led by the forward-thinking team at BRE Academy, it provides the targeted and rigorous training that’s really needed.
Mr Lever explained that site managers have a key role to play in introducing BIM and in order to guarantee successful adoption. 

He hopes the course will have a big impact and help the industry improve its performance to provide better services across the board. 

The course will be delivered online for site managers to undertake when they have the opportunity. It is possible to start and stop the course or redo any sections, making it perfect for completing in several sessions.

Self-employed construction workers in particular could benefit from the course, as it could help to make them more appealing for contracted work and offers a great boost for the CV. 

To find the time to carry out more studies in their sector, those working for themselves should work with freelancer and contractor accountants. These experts can help to manage finances and ensure professionals do not break the law. 

Pauline Traetto, director of BRE Academy, also hopes the plans will lead to significant improvements in the industry. 

Ms Traetto wants to make sure entire supply chains are competent in BIM Level 2 and that all individuals within the architecture, engineering and construction sectors adapt to the BIM Level 2 standard.

By Victoria McDonnell

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