Crossrail 2 set to make HS2 more viable

Friday 30 June 2017

Crossrail 2 is set to make the HS2 service more viable across London, according to one official.

The capital’s deputy mayor for transport Val Shawcross explained that HS2 will cause “enormous bottlenecks” at Euston station if it is not helped by Crossrail 2, describing the second stage of the Crossrail scheme as “complementary” to the high-speed rail project.

Crossrail 2 planners are discussing their proposals with the Department for Transport, explaining that a thorough analysis is being carried out to guarantee a robust scheme that works effectively. 

The Crossrail 2 timeline is planned for Royal Assent by 2021/22, with construction expected to start by 2033. 

Crossrail 2 managing director Michele Dix explained that if the project does not run alongside HS2, the benefits gained from travelling from the north will be lost due to waiting times at Euston.

Ms Shawcross noted that plans for the project to be approved should be a key part of a “national picture of infrastructure development”. 

“This is the future growth driver of London in the 2030s,” she added. 

Ms Shawcross also noted that there is not a faster or cheaper way of rapidly improving public transport than “making better use” of the rail tracks and services already available.

Transport for London estimates that Crossrail 2 could help create 200,000 new homes and 200,000 new jobs. 

The proposals are expected to lead to the regeneration of under-developed areas such as Enfield and Haringey, where there is potential for new housing and better transport connections. 

While Crossrail 2 plans are in motion, there have been calls for more clarity on the project. Cambridgeshire MP Daniel Zeichner explained that the lines will open up transport between Cambridge and the capital, but wants to see vital improvements made. 

“I think it will affect the four-track project on the Liverpool Street line. The rolling stock is being improved, but if we want to get improved times and reliability, we must improve the lines,” Mr Zeichner told the Cambridge News. 

He went on to say that the Cambridge to London line is always assessed by investors, as they want to make sure they can stay in touch and travel easily between the two cities.

Crossrail 2 and HS2 are likely to create a range of jobs for professionals across the UK, particularly self-employed individuals who have the skills necessary to make a positive impact at short notice.

However, to maximise their earnings, it is important they consult an accountant who is well aware of the implications of IR35 and other regulations. 

By Victoria McDonnell

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