Flexible working provides more free time, study suggests

Thursday 9 March 2017

The world of work has changed drastically over recent years, with more professionals now working for themselves rather than sticking to the routine of full-time employment. 

There is now the option of flexible working for anyone who has served 26 weeks or more for a company, highlighting that employers are beginning to see the benefits of giving their staff a better work/life balance. 

A new study from Regus looked into the trend of flexible working, finding that there are numerous “push” factors that are becoming increasingly important when it comes to determining how and where people work. 

It discovered that more than a third (35 per cent) of UK professionals agreed that flexible working means they do not need to tolerate their coworkers unpleasant personal habits, whereas 31 per cent said it allows them to avoid boring colleagues. 

Some 41 per cent of respondents also said flexible working allows them to eat more healthily, while 71 per cent said it gives them more free time to meet people both professionally and socially. 

Richard Morris, UK chief executive officer of Regus, said: “Under traditional working structures people spend more time with colleagues than they do with their own family. 

“Such an environment will always result in mismatches of personality and behaviour which, over time, can potentially hamper workplace harmony and productivity.”

Mr Morris went on to say that freedom to work flexibly is offering professionals a way out of everyday routines and the opportunity to improve their own performance and wellbeing.

He added that it is vital for employers to identify the pull and push factors influencing flexible working requests. 

Mr Morris also suggested that employers should offer working patterns that allow staff to produce their best possible work consistently. 

For self employed professionals, flexible working can provide a fantastic alternative to office-based work. By being your own boss, you can focus on finding a way of working that suits your personality and allows you to deliver the best possible results. 

As you have choice over the projects and clients you work with, you can take on new challenges and learn new skills. With no fixed nine-to-five hours, freelancers can work when and how they see fit and develop a strong reputation over time. 

When it comes to financial recordkeeping, contractors can leave the work to freelancer and contractor accountants. These businesses can ensure you are charged the right amount of tax and receive the correct take-home pay. 

By Victoria McDonnell

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