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Monday 13 February 2017

Our new website features a new take home pay calculator and knowledge centre, among other features.

Here at Brookson, we take pride in providing the best possible experience for our users, which is why we have launched a new website full of excellent features.

The new site boasts a modern feel and is fully mobile-responsive, making it easy for visitors to see all the latest news and developments through their mobile phone or tablet. The new navigation menu also makes it simpler and quicker to find any information users need.

As well as updating previous features, we have added a selection of new features to improve the overall user experience. These include a take home pay calculator, a business partner section and a new guidance zone and knowledge centre.

The take home pay calculator is designed to work out exactly how much money self-employed professionals take home after tax and any other potential costs are taken into account, leaving contractors and freelancers with a clearer picture of their monthly income.

Thanks to the new business partners section, visitors can learn about the variety of trusted companies we regularly work with and gain an insight into the great opportunities awaiting them in the self-employed sector.

What’s more, the new guidance zone features a selection of excellent tools to help those new to the self-employed sector, including free guides, webinars and videos. For those who are unsure about entering the world of freelance work or are new to contracting, this section offers a number of excellent tips.

Knowledge centres for limited companies, umbrella employment and sole traders are all on the site, offering a wealth of advice for self-employed professionals.


The information available on the site includes a free guide to IR35 compliance and flat rate VAT, along with knowledge to help employees understand any expenses they can receive.

We have a selection of PDF files available to download for free, which focus on areas such as choosing your working options, setting up a limited company, working through an umbrella company and a contractor’s guide to IR35.

What’s more, there are guides available for those needing help with contractor insurance, tax planning and the flat rate VAT scheme.

The new site’s careers page is also up to date with information on our latest job opportunities, making it easy for visitors to understand the latest career options and vacancies on offer.

The Brookson blog includes the latest insights and analysis from our team, while our news page is full of the latest industry coverage.

The site will be updated throughout the year to include any changes and developments in the sector. 


Brookson customer Richard comments on the new website saying  "I really like it! It’s very easy to read and retain the information and very straight forward to get at the information one would need. Excellent!"

By Victoria McDonnell

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