Temporary labour vital to NHS services

Friday 3 February 2017

Temporary labour is helping to make a huge difference to how the NHS handles demand during peak times of the year.

While full-time staff make up the core of the organisation, the demand for services increases rapidly at peak times of year, particularly around the winter period when the number of illnesses and injuries tend to rise due to the adverse conditions.

It can be tough to predict how busy the services will be, meaning locums can be absolutely vital in stepping in at short notice to make a positive impact.

Rather than the NHS having to teach new workers from a beginner level, temporary staff can come in and make an impact immediately, as they already have the experience and expertise required to assist the trust in times of need.

It is challenging for the NHS’ full time workers to adapt in peak periods of the year, but locums are able to ensure patients receive the care they require.

More professionals are now turning to the temporary labour sector in order to improve their career prospects and develop new skills, with the number of self-employed workers in the country increasing by 133,000, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The figure jumped to 4.77 million in the three months to November 2016, highlighting how the prospect of working for yourself has become more appealing in recent years.

Rather than sticking to a repetitive timetable of full-time work and not trying new things, freelance work allows specialists to constantly challenge themselves and choose projects that really suit their interests.

By taking on different jobs, you can develop a CV and professional profile that will make you more appealing to employers and help you to become a more well-rounded locum.

At Brookson, we currently manage and support more than £100 million of locum spend for trusts via Direct Engagement. Our specialists also provide expertise and advice to employees to help create cost savings and manage their workforce in a more efficient way.

This is done through direct engagement, which allows trusts to maximise the effectiveness of their services while remaining compliant to the latest HMRC tax regulations.

By taking on a lot of the admin duties required for locum staff, Brookson are able to take some responsibilities away from the NHS and provide them with experienced workers who can come in and make a difference straight away. To find out more about how Brookson are helping NHS Trusts in the UK visit brooksondirect.co.uk.

By Victoria McDonnell

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