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Please use the calculator below to calculate the take-home pay for your contractor. Simply move the slider from left to right to change the hourly rate of your contractor. This will then determine the amounts they can take-home either working under a Limited Company or as part of an Umbrella Solution.

Calculate your contractor's take home pay

They earn

An hourly rate of £15 or £120 per day is the minimum requirement.

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Limited Company

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Umbrella Solution

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The calculations are for illustration purposes only and are based on a series of assumptions.


The calculations are based upon the following criteria:


  • Working 40 hours per week over 52 weeks
  • Claiming £265 expenses per week
  • Claiming 200 business miles per week
  • There is no additional income from other sources


  • No Supervision, Direction or Control (SDC) on any assignment during the tax year
  • 1001L tax code
  • You receive a tax refund from HMRC after the tax year end (5 April) on any expenses incurred but not reimbursed during the year. The refundable tax amount is included in the weekly or monthly amount
  • Includes the Brookson Umbrella Solution margin


  • HMRC Flat Rate VAT Scheme at 13.5%
  • Assignments are not subject to IR35
  • Director's fee of £156 per week
  • Includes the Brookson Limited Company accountancy fee

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